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  • Framed type

  • Hanging scroll type

  • Mini-Folding Screen

  • Scarlet Seal Booklet

  • Kimono & Calligraphy

  • Seasonal Decoration

  • Signature Stamp

  • Calligraphy Data


The official website of "Kanji de Sho" and calligrapher, Shunyou. (Atsuko Nakagawa). Tell me your name and I will paint it for you. For names of foreigners, we use Kanji characters based on the sound and pronunciation of your name. We make compact but full-scale calligraphy works such as hanging scroll, red stamp book style, folding screen, framed art etc. We also make in data format, create signature stamps and decorations for all seasons.

All the calligraphy will be done on Hosokawa paper, which is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.
Hosokawa paper is made from only Kozo (paper mulberry) and is unbleached, so it is a light beige color. The color and thickness of the paper varies from piece to piece as it is handmade by craftsmen. In some cases, the nep of Kozo (paper mulberry) remains, but we would like you to feel the taste of handcraft including all this.
Please note that there may be a margin of error of about 1mm.